Flexible Ventilation Duct

  • JULI® Layflat Ventilation Ducting

    JULII® Layflat ventilation ducting

    The JULI® layflat tunnel ventilation duct is frequently used in the underground with blowing air (positive pressure) from the tunnel outside, which provides enough fresh air for the tunneling project to assure the worker’s safety.

  • JULI® Spiral Ventilation Ducting

    JULI® Spiral Ventilation Ducting

    The JULI® spiral ventilation duct is frequently used in positive and negative pressure in the underground, and it can blow air from outside and exhaust air from inside.

  • JULI® Antistatic Ventilation Duct

    JULI® Antistatic Ventilation Duct

    There are no VOCs produced during processing or use, making it environmentally friendly.


    The JULI® antistatic ventilation duct is widely used underground with high concentrations of gas. The antistatic properties of the fabric can prevent static electricity from accumulating on the surface of the fabric to form sparks and cause fires. The ventilation duct will bring fresh air from outside and exhaust turbidity air and diluent toxic gases from the underground.

  • JULI® Flexible Oval Ventilation Duct

    JULI®Flexible Oval Ventilation Duct

    The JULI® oval ventilation duct is used for low headroom or small mine tunnels with a height limit. It is made in an oval shape to reduce the headroom requirement by 25% to permit the large equipment to be used.

  • JULI® Accessories & Fittings

    JULI® Accessories & Fittings

    The JULI® Accessories & Fittings are widely used in underground mine tunnels to connect excessive main and branch tunnels, as well as for turning, reducing, and switching, etc.

  • JULI® Explosion-Proof Water Barrier Bag

    JULI® Explosion Proof Water barrier bag

    JULI® explosion proof water barrier bag uses the shock wave during underground blasting to form a water curtain, which can effectively isolate the spread of gas (combustible gas) and coal dust explosions.