PVC Flexible Tent Awning Fabric

PVC Flexible Tent Awning Fabric

The tent fabric is processed into different types of tents.

Product Detail

Product Information

Tent fabric is made of high-strength industrial polyester fibers and PVC membranes through laminating process. which are mainly provided for industrial storage, logistics distribution, wedding banquets, outdoor temporary event tents for exhibitions, sports events, tourism and leisure, business gatherings, celebrations, and disaster relief.

 Product Parameter

Tent fabric Technical Specification
Item Unit Model Executive Standard
SM11 SM12 SM21 SM22 SM23
Base fabric - PES -
Color - Red, Blue, Green, White -
Finished weight g/m2 390±30 430±30 540±30 680±30 840±30 -
Tensile strength (warp/weft) N/5cm 800/600 600/800 1200/1000 2100/1700 2200/1800 DIN 53354
Tear strength (warp/weft) N 80/190 150/170 180/200 300/400 320/400 DIN53363
Adhesion strength N/5cm 20 20 25 25 25 DIN53357
UV protection - Yes -
Threshold Temperature -30~70 DIN EN 1876-2
The above values are average for reference, allowing 10% tolerance. Customization is acceptable for all given values.

 Product Feature

◈ Anti-aging
◈ UV protection
◈ Strong weather resistance
◈ Excellent heat absorption
◈ Fire resistance
◈ Waterproof and anti-fouling
◈ Bright in colour
◈ Long life span
◈ Simple to set up
◈ All characters are available in customized versions according to different environments of use.

Product Advantage

Foresight has more than 15 years of water bag fabric production experience, a strong scientific research team, more than 10 professional college graduates in engineering and technical personnel, and more than 30 sets of high-speed rapier looms to meet the various needs of 3 composite production lines. The annual output of all kinds of calenderized film is more than 10,000 tons, and the annual output of fabric is more than 15 million square meters.


Foresight has a complete industrial chain, from raw materials such as fiber and resin powder to PVC flexible fabrics. This system has obvious advantages. The production process is controlled layer by layer, and the key indicators are comprehensively balanced, which means they can be customized according to the requirements of customers in different environments. We are committed to providing users with the safest and most economical solutions.

Tarpaulin is made of synthetic fiber fabric with a double-sided PVC coating, which has a durable adhesive property. The welded fabric can withstand a great deal of tension, even in severe conditions such as hurricanes and frequent operations, without affecting the sealing degree of the weld. Because the pigment is directly immersed in the PVC coating, the fabric can keep the color bright as new. The anti-corrosion, anti-mold, anti-ultraviolet, and flame retardant properties are up to international standards.


Foresight tailor-made products for customers to provide creative space solutions and meet customers' personalized needs with a full range of accessories. All accessories increase the function and use of the canopy, meeting customers' various needs.


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