JULI®Flexible Oval Ventilation Duct

JULI®Flexible Oval Ventilation Duct

The JULI® oval ventilation duct is used for low headroom or small mine tunnels with a height limit. It is made in an oval shape to reduce the headroom requirement by 25% to permit the large equipment to be used.

Product Detail

Product Information

JULI® oval ventilation duct is made of PVC flexible fabric with polyester fiber as the base fabric and is coated with a PVC membrane on both sides. Polyester fiber can be chosen for different user requirements and environments. The PVC membrane is fire resistant with DIN4102 B1, NFPA701, EN13501, DIN75200, and antistatic properties; all are accompanied by an SGS test result.

JULI® oval ventilation duct is made with two suspension fins outside. The angle can be customized according to the customer’s requirement. There are also two suspension fins connected with carabiner hooks and steel rope inside the duct to keep the oval shape.

suspension system

Single suspension fin

Double suspension fins

Single suspension patch

Double suspension patches

Coupling system

Zipper Coupling

Velcro Coupling

Eyelet Coupling

End ring Coupling

 Product Parameter

JULI® Oval Ventilation Ducting Technical Specification
Item Unit  Value
Diameter mm 450-1650
Section length m 5, 10, 20, 30, 50, 100, 200, 300
Color - Yellow, Orange, Black
Suspension - Double suspenison fins/patches
Sealing face sleeve mm 150-400
Grommet spacing mm 750
Coupling - Zipper/Velcro/Steel ring/Eyelet
Fire resistance - DIN4102 B1/EN13501/NFPA701/MSHA/DIN75200
Antistatic Ω ≤3 x 108
Packing - Pallet
Diameter(mm) Dimension(mm)  1
450 650 350
600 850 450
750 1100 550
800 1150 600
900 1300 700
1000 1400 750
1050 1500 800
1200 1700 900
1350 1950 1050
1500 2150 1150
1650 2300 1200
The above values are average for reference, allowing 10% tolerance. Customization is acceptable for all given values.

 Product Feature

◈ Used for low headroom or small mine tunnels with a limited height.
◈ Increased airflow by maximizing duct space.
◈ Welding inside suspension fins reduce air leakage rates.
◈ Polyester woven or knit fabric with a PVC coating on both sides.
◈ The flame resistance meets DIN4102 B1/EN13501/NFPA701/MSHA/DIN75200 standards.
◈ Diameters ranging from 450 to 1650mm, other dimensions are amenable to customization.

JULI Flexible Oval Ventilation Duct

Product Advantage

Over 15 years of experience in the production of PVC flexible air ventilation ducts and fabric, a strong scientific research team, over ten engineering and technical staff with professional college degrees, over 30 high-speed rapier looms, three composite production lines with an annual output of more than 10,000 tons of calendered membranes, and three automatic ducting welding production lines with an annual output of more than 15 million square meters of fabric, provide long-term support and services for fans' company and large projects at home and abroad.


The eyelets are automatically buckled by the automatic machine to prevent them from falling off.


Automatic suspension fin/patch, fabric joining, duct body welding, the welding seam is even and stable, decreasing the influence of human factors on welding stability. The welding efficiency is 2-3 times that of a traditional welding machine, and the lead time is reduced.


The oval ventilation duct's basic connections are zipper and Velcro. The extra fabric on which the zipper/Velcro is sewed is welded to the flexible duct body to ensure that there are no sewing needle eyes throughout the ducting, reducing air leakage. The long sealing face sleeve covers the zipper or Velcro, reducing the risk of bursting.

Flexible repair methods: glue, zipper repair band, Velcro repair band, and portable hot air gun.


Several automatic ducting welding production lines with a monthly output of 20,000 flexible ventilation tubes guarantee an assured batch order lead time.


Pallet packing will be designed according to the order quantity and the container size, trying to save transportation costs.


As one of the Chinese standard drafters for flexible ventilation ducting, Foresight is dedicated to the research, design, and development of underground ventilation safety, always taking responsibility for improving the quality of the flexible ventilation tube, extending the service life, reducing the frequency of replacement, and lowering the energy consumption of ventilation equipment, as well as continuously optimizing the unit tunneling cost to improve the product's overall cost performance.


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