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Foresight believes that environmental conservation efforts are highly valued.We believe that product environmental protection and the entire environmental protection procedure in the manufacturing process is our philosophy. Foresight always regards environmental protection as the major responsibility of company development as crucial as safe production. We insist on clean production, execute energy conservation and consumption reduction plans, improve the environment, and manage to build a good environment for Foresight's long-term growth. We scrupulously follow all applicable rules and regulations; we raise employees' understanding of environmental protection through organizational learning, frequent updates, and the distribution of law and regulation propaganda and knowledge.


Environmental protection equipment and advanced events

  • In 2014
    ● Equipped with a domestic advanced dust removal device, invested CNY 500,000 in order to solve the problem of feeding dust.
  • 2015-2016
    ● Awnings were created around the plasticizer material tank area, which was encircled by concrete walls, emergency treatment pools, and ground anti-seepage treatment. Foresight invested about CNY 200,000 in the raw material tank area to tackle difficulties with sun exposure, rain, and ground seepage prevention, as well as to eliminate environmental hazards.
  • 2016-2017
    ● The most advanced industrial electrostatic fume purification equipment in China was added. Foresight put roughly CNY 1 million into the project. The flue gas is cleaned using the water cooling principle and high-voltage electrostatic adsorption of flue gas, and the flue gas discharge outlet complies with the Comprehensive Emission Standard of air pollutants emission standards (GB16297-1996).
  • In 2017
    ● Foresight invested about CNY 400,000 to deal with the comprehensive pH through the procedure of lye atomization and washing to satisfy emission regulations, in order to tackle the problem of flue gas in the finished product workshop and add an exhaust gas treatment system.
  • After 2019
    ● Foresight spent about CNY 600,000 to install plasticizer purification equipment in order to reduce workshop flue gas emissions, improve the workshop environment, and achieve significant achievements.
  • Environmental protection in product

    Foresight's products use environmentally friendly materials:

    ◈ The use of environmentally friendly plasticizers allows our products to meet the "3P," "6P," and "0P" levels, allowing clients to manufacture children's toys that can be put in their mouths and child care products that comply with EU rules.

    ◈ Take the industry lead in using environmentally friendly calcium and zinc stabilizers in all Foresight’s products, replacing the barium zinc and lead salts that have been employed in this industry for many years.

    ◈ To safeguard the safety of the employees and the usage environment of customers, we use environmentally friendly flame retardants to manufacture all of the flame retardant products.

    ◈ Environmentally friendly color cakes are used to ensure the vibrancy and environmental protection of children's relative products.

    ◈ The "Food Sanitary Drinking Water Bag" produced by Foresight has passed the National Packaging Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center's inspection.

    Foresight is the first company in China to use a water-based antistatic surface treatment chemical on coal mine ventilation ducts, reducing VOC emissions by over 100 tons per year and attaining true "0" emissions.


    Environmental protection and emission reduction

    Various pollutants like dust, exhaust gas, solid waste, and noise have been efficiently prevented because of Foresight's continued improvement of pollution prevention standards and environmental protection technology. In accordance with the requirements of the national environmental protection work and the "Chinese New Environmental Protection Law," we must strengthen environmental protection institutions and improve the environmental management system. Simultaneously, increase investment in environmental management, with a total investment of more than 5 million CNY, to ensure the update of energy-saving and emission-reduction equipment and processes, the design and development of environmentally friendly products, and the effective development of daily environmental management work.

    Energy conservation

    Foresight places a high value on energy conservation and consumption reduction efforts, beginning with foundational work such as enhancing organizational structure and strengthening system construction and paying special attention to daily energy conservation and emission reduction management.

    Foresight breaks down energy-saving goals and responsibilities into workshops, teams, and individuals, assigns energy-saving and consumption-reduction responsibilities and specific tasks, and creates an energy-saving work mechanism with broad employee participation that integrates energy-saving and consumption-reduction into every aspect of corporate life and operations. At the same time, it has implemented a sound energy-saving incentive and punishment system as well as the national industrial policy with zeal. For the previous 10 years, the company has committed CNY 2 to 3 million in technological transformation funds to replace outmoded processes, technologies, and equipment. Promotion and implementation of new energy-saving technology and products within the organization. Reduce resource consumption by recycling and reusing packaging materials and product leftovers; making full use of boiler tail gas waste heat for heating, reducing the use of natural gas for heating in the plant area, and effectively reducing energy consumption; and In the company's technological transformation projects and new projects, low-voltage frequency conversion equipment has been used; at the same time, high-energy-consuming electric bulbs have been transformed and replaced with LED lamps.