JULI PVC mining ventilation duct

Underground mining is a much risky business, which is why ducting is such an important aspect of the underground construction industry. Underground mining exposes miners to a variety of contaminants, including toxic gases and fumes, which can be hazardous to their health. In order to prevent swallowing these potentially dangerous pollutants. As a result, a high-performing mining ventilation duct keeps miners safe and subterranean operations running smoothly.

Flexible spiral ducting from JULI is particularly useful for underground ventilation industry. It works well in underground mining shafts that aren't completely straight because of its capacity to bend and stretch, it can used as the elbows/bends with any angle according to the actual environment in the underground, even in the most difficult of conditions, it enables for effective ventilation.

More important is the materials used to construct the ventilation ducts. Different mines have many different conditions, materials and temperatures. Juli flexible duct can be customized according to the actual use environment of each mine, including fire resistance, antistatic performance, temperature and diameter, working pressure, weight, color, etc. Juli ventilation ducts use PVC laminated fabrics and semi-coated fabrics to create a variety of service life that can be applied to various mining construction periods, and truly realize 100% fully customized production.

The self-developed automatic duct production line has realized The mechanized production of ultra-long air ducts improves the ventilation efficiency and greatly reduces the air leakage rate.


Especially for large diameter ventilation ducts and over-long section length ventialtion ducts, it provides ventilation guarantee for TBM construction projects and improves product performance, Comprehensive price/performance ratio.

As the standard maker of flexible ventialtion duct for mining industry, Chengdu Foresight Composite Co., Ltd. has been focusing on mining safety and ventilation for more than 15 years, which is why we are glad to provide the highest-quality flexible ducting solutions.

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Post time: Dec-29-2021