PVC Biogas Digester Storage Bag

PVC Biogas Digester Storage Bag

The biogas digester bag is made of PVC red mud flexible fabric, and it is mostly used for fermentation and storage of biogas and industrial waste, etc.

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Foresight's PVC flexible fabric is used to make the biogas digester bag. The biogas digester bag has long life, good airtightness, and environmental protection characteristics, and it is widely used for fermentation for home waste, farms, sewage treatment, and storing various gases.
Foresight has over 15 years of experience in fabric production, with an annual output of more than 5 million square meters; there are many application cases and verifications of large and medium-sized biogas engineering customers and household customers at home and abroad, and we have assisted biogas engineering units in the construction of over 500,000 households. At the same time, we have advanced high-frequency orbital welding machines, C-type welding machines, professional fabric welding technology, finished product processing teams, clean and spacious dust-free workshops, unparalleled processing methods, processing speeds, and delivery capabilities, allowing us to provide one-stop services for the production of stable-quality biogas materials and the processing of finished products for domestic and foreign environmental protection.

 Product Parameters

Biogas Bag Fabric Technical Specification
Item Unit Model Executive Standard
ZQ70 ZQ90 ZQ120 SCYY90
Base fabric Denier High strength low shrink polyester fiber DIN EN 60001
Color - Red mud, Blue, Army green, White -
Thickness mm 0.7 0.9 1.2 0.9 -
Width mm 2100 2100 2100 2100 -
Tensile strength (warp/weft) N/5cm 2700/2550 3500/3400 3800/3700 4500/4300 DIN 53354
Tear strength (warp/weft) N 350/300 450/400 550/450 420/410 DIN53363
Adhesion strength N/5cm 100 100 120 100 DIN53357
UV protection - Yes -
Threshold Temperature -25~60 DIN EN 1876-2
Acid and alkali corrosion resistance 672h Appearance no blistering, cracks, delamination and holes FZ/T01008-2008
Tensile load retention rate ≥90%
Cold resistance (-25℃) No cracks on the surface
The above values are average for reference, allowing 10% tolerance. Customization is acceptable for all given values.

 Product Feature

◈ New flexible high-strength material with high tensile strength and pressure resistance.
◈ It is anti-ultraviolet, good for aging resistance, and flame retardant.
◈ Acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, light and heat resistance, excellent weather resistance, and long service life.
◈ No air leakage, safe and reliable, environmentally friendly and clean, excellent heat absorption, good thermal insulation, and high gas production.
◈ Product shapes can be formulated according to various terrains and pool shapes, which is flexible and diverse.
◈ SInstallation and use are simple, and the investment is low.
◈The installation location can be transferred and reused as needed.

PVC Biogas Digester Storage Bag

Product Advantages

Over 15 years of experience in the production of PVC flexible air ventilation ducts and fabric, a strong scientific research team, over ten engineering and technical staff with professional college degrees, over 30 high-speed rapier looms, three composite production lines with an annual output of more than 10,000 tons of calendered membranes, and three automatic ducting welding production lines with an annual output of more than 15 million square meters of fabric, provide long-term support and services for fans' company and large projects at home and abroad.


Advanced high-frequency orbital welding machines, C-type welding machines, professional fabric welding technology, finished product processing teams, and clean, dust-free workshops are all available.

Customized water bag shape and dimension, as well as color, are acceptable.


Flexible repair methods include glue, zipper repair band, Velcro repair band, and portable hot air gun.


Pallet packing will be designed according to the order quantity and the container size, trying to save transportation costs.



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